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Construction description

The corpus is constructed as hard resistant welded unit with an integrated system of central locking. The drawers are hung on telescope 100% slide-rails, surface carrying-capacity of the drawer is 40 Kg. The drawer's construction is designed for storing documents in one line - formats A4 and A5 or in two lines for document formats A5 and A6.

Drawers dimension

Product code format Internal height to upper edge of drawer's front (mm) Internal height of side plate of drawer (mm) Internal width of deposit space (mm) Internal depth of deposit space (mm)
* KR A4 2 S (LCV) A4 285 250 326 500
KR A4 3 S (LCV)
KR A4 4 S (LCV)
KR A4 5 S (LCV)
* KR 2A4 4 S (LCV) 2 x A4 285 250 2 x 326 500
* KR A5 6 S (LCV) 2 x A5 185 150 2 x 214 495
* KR A6 8 S (LCV) 2 x A6 135 100 2 x 154 495
* KR A5 20 S A5 160 125 222 460

Locking systems, safety

The locking mechanism is managed by a cylindrical lock standardly supplied with two keys with double-sided profile. The locks have 2000 combinations and in big orders it is possible to order the locking by the same key or a master key.

Filling cabinets, card files

The products marked with * are standardly furnished with an upsetting protection. The locking system is equipped with a blocking avoiding the putting out of several drawers.

Filling cabinets, card files
site: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Workshop furniture

In the workshop furniture´s assortment you can find many versions of workbenches, workshop shelf´s systems, drawer´s systems, telescopic and combined systems intended for storing tools, material and work´s documentation.

Workshop furniture Workshop furniture
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Cloakroom furniture

We use only the first class materials and well-approved components bought from prestigious suppliers. The production itself is mostly realized by using high precise CNC machines and computerized production systems of PSBB line. The surface treatment is realized through IDEAL-LINE coating line equipped with GEMA MagicCylinder II coating box with CM30 operation system and 12 automatic electrostatic coating guns.

Cloakroom furniture Cloakroom furniture
Info category
Office furniture

The ALFA 3 steel office furniture is characterized by careful work processing and modern design. It involves the usual whole-metal cabinets with shelves or drawers. Further you can also find attractive products, which combine resistant steel bodies with doors or drawer´s front panels made of laminated chipboard in wooden surfaces or glass.

Office furniture Office furniture
Company profile

Metal furniture, wardrobe lockers, card files, filling cabinets, wardrobe lockers with double-plated doors.

Metal furniture – wardrobe lockers, card files, work tables

The ALFA3 s.r.o. company is concerned with development, production and sale of metal furniture. On the internet page there is an application (instructions for use) available to our customers which is intented for creating labels of drawer ́s contents. A wide database of symbols and a text editor is available as well.

Wardrobe lockers, wardrobe lockers with double-plated doors, lockers, clothes lockers, wardrobe furnishing, lockers for fitcentres and aquaparks. Wardrobe lockers with doors from high-press laminate, wardrobe lockers for schools, metal lockers with doors with wooden surface, wardrobe lockers with Z-shaped doors, lockers with coin deposit locks, lockers for work and civil clothes, benches, benches for lockers, wardrobe benches

The main products in our assortment are first of all the wardrobe lockers, the card files, the filling cabinets, the containers, the products for furnishing plants, workshops, schools, warehouses, surgeries and a lot of other products.

In designing, developing, producing and control process we emphasize on precise processing, high resistance and optimal product functionality.

Our products are characterized by modern timeless design. Due to it they can suitable follow contemporary interiors.

Our products are distributed through the network of our franchised dealears, who care about delivery services and they assure the guarantee and after-guarantee service.